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My Opponent

My Opponent

My opponent, Bill Henderson, has a history of voting more liberal like a democrat than a conservative republican. Evidence Based Wyoming ranks him as “Very Liberal” – #60 out of 62. That’s right, he’s third from the bottom! See for yourself here.


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“Rep Bill Henderson hasn’t had an opponent since 2016. Now one of the most liberal Redcoats in the House of Representatives does. His name is Gary Brown. He has spent almost as much time watching the legislature as I have. Tuesday we had a great discussion.” ~ Source

As you can see, my opponent is known throughout Wyoming, and even in other states, as a person who votes like a Liberal. Isn’t time to have a real Conservative represent your values?

Ask yourself, who does he really represent? Not counting his personal contributions, from 2014 to 2022 Henderson received $59,951 of contributions of which $41,950 came from PACs and campaign committees – roughly 70%. (Source 307 Votes)